Wood Restoration

Exterior wood structures can add years of beauty to your structure if properly maintained. Keeping them in top condition will ensure their structural integrity and keep them looking their best. Any wood that is exposed to changing weather can easily become a victim of rot and decay. We know wood structures can be a considerable investment, that is why it is so important to properly maintain them to ensure you get to enjoy them for a long period of time.

We offer a variety of services to maintain the beauty and value of your wood, whether it is wood siding, wood decks, stairways, docks or cedar roofing. Which ever the application, wood will not last forever, but if cleaned and treated periodically, it can provide long lasting performance.

Our 3 Step Method:

Rejuvenate - Pressure washing removes dirt and mildew

Restore - Brighteners restore the woods natural luster

Refinish - Sealants protect wood from future weather exposure